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Schmalbach Aquaculture Cichlids & More

Fish Inventory

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We offer a variety of African Cichlids - mainly Lake Malawi (Aulonacara Peacocks, Haplochromis, Labeotropheus, Pseudotropheus, and more). We have some Frontosa and Julidochromis.

Also: Central American Cichlosomas, Red Pacu, Mollies and Platy. We offer Koi and some pond plants such as Mangroves. More detailed inventory to be added later.


Schmalbach Aquaculture. inc. is located in Homestead, South Florida, USA.
mailing address:
P. O. Box 900739, Homestead, Fl 33090-0739,
Ph: 305-246-5493, fax: 305-246-3304